Miad Tur founded in 2010 is a company operating successfully in the field of tourism and aviation. Having accomplished being one of leader companies in the sector, Miadtur has 8 offices namely: Istanbul Taksim ‘’Head Office’’, Istanbul World Trade Center Aviation Office, Istanbul Aksaray, Istanbul Atatürk Airport, Ankara Kızılay, Ankara Esenboğa Airport office, Yalova and Antalya Airport Offices. Thanks to Genaral Directorate of State Airports Authority Airports Ground Services Type C Operation Certificate, MiadTur provides representation services on all airports to Aviation companies and provides supervision and management services on 11 airports. Miad Tur has undertaken Iraqi Airways representation in year 2012.

To pursue to provide highest quality services for our customers with cooperation of our dynamic team acting on team spirit.
Being one of the leader companies in the International Tourism and Aviation sector based on producing high quality services which are consistent with expectations of our customers and collaborators.